New School Design

For homework this week we have to design a school that is inclusive and empowering. So my friends and I went around the school asking the students what they wanted in the school so far we got ideas like,


A pool

A spa

Lifts for the disabled

A trampoline

A bouncy castle

Year 7/8 hang out

More ramps so people in weelchairs can move around more easily

and much more. so if you have any other ideas for what we could put in our school to make it more inclusive and empowering leave a comment.

My thunk

My thunk is ‘If you are waiting for a waiter to bring you your food does that make you a waiter?’

What I think: Yes because you are waiting for something so that makes you a waiter.

What my Mum thinks: No, because you are a customer not the waiter.

What my Brother thinks: It depends on what you’re defining ‘said waiter’ as. If you’re defining them as someone who brings your food to your table, then no I don’t consider them as a waiter. But if you’re defining ‘said waiter’ as someone who waits for something, then yes I do consider ‘said waiter’ as a waiter.

My winter Holiday in gifs

The first weekend of the holidays I had a family reunion on my mums side up at my granddads house I meet lot’s of my cousins even some I didn’t know existed also my auntie came over from Australia and lots of my mums cousins.


After the family reunion my auntie stayed for the rest of the holidays it was great having her round I got to do lots of cool stuff like going shopping with my friends


and I went ice skating about 5 time with my friends


and went to the movies to watch inside out


 and then on the last weekend of the holidays my auntie left to go back home to Australia and I was really sad


so that’s what I did in my winter holiday.

Blog Auditing Homework

For homework this week I had to audit Alek’s blog.

What I liked about his blog was it was very clear to read and easy to navigate.

He’s also very clear with what he’s writing and its very clearly laid out and the pictures that go with his posts really work well with what he’s writing.

If you want to cheek out his blog here is the link.




For homework this week I made Chicken and pasta with vegetables as dinner for my family.

I made this because everyone in my family likes it and its just delicious.

My mums review of the dish was she loved it, she said its was a very tasty dish the pasta was al dente like it is supposed to be. She said I could have started prep a bit earlier so we didn’t have to have dinner as late but over all a great dinner.

What went well while I was cooking was I didn’t burn the food witch I was scared I might do. What went wrong was my time management and we ended up having dinner quite late.

Here is the recipe

Capital E Review- An Awfully Big Adventure


This was a silly, funny, creative, half serious, fast and action packed adventure performance that contained props, funny but really good accents and different lights. It all started when the four actors of this play came out and asked us as the audience what we thought happened in World War One. It was mostly funny but sometimes it was serious like when they explained what countries where in the war on a map they made out of old clothes and teddy bears. So as you can see it was mostly funny. I recommend this performance to people who like a laugh and want to have a good time.

Homework task-Day 3

Today I went down to the netball courts again to see if I improved in how many hoops I can shoot in one minute and  I did do better by one hoop. I got 20 in this time with means I improved every time I went down there witch I’m really proud of myself for. 🙂

100 Word Challenge

images Waterslide

The waterslide was long and green spiralling down into know where. I carefully stepped in and felt the water rushing beneath my feet I went down I felt like I was in a pipe being washed out to sea. Suddenly I saw a faint light getting closer and closer then splash the crisp, cold water of the lake was all around me. I swam to the edge and looked up to see a  fierce horse looking down on me ahhhh I screamed as I stumbled back into the lake I could feel the breath of the horse on my face what am I going to do?

If I were Prime Minister for a day…..

If I were Prime Minister for a day I would:

1. Make Monday part of the weekend so we can have a three day weekend.

2.  Give lots of money to the children in Africa.

3. Make P.E. something you had to do everyday at school.

4.  Give every child in New Zealand a laptop for school.

5. Change the minim wage to $30:00.

6. Try to stop poverty.

So those are the things I would to if I was Prime Minister for a day.